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Friendly Czech Republic annually welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world. A lot of memorable souvenirs are brought from this small but very beautiful country with thousands of years of tradition. Among them is Bohemian glass, one of the most legendary in the world. Such a souvenir will become not only a pleasant reminder of the trip, but also, of course, a decoration of your home.

Bohemia vases from the Czech Republic

Bohemian glass and crystal is the real hallmark of the country. This glass was known as early as the 12th century (this is recorded in written memos of those years). This blown glass is produced in the Czech regions of Selysia and Bohemia — hence the name.

The centuries-old traditions of Czech glassblowers are constantly being improved and developed. Individual families are engaged in this business from generation to generation, some secrets of the glassblowing business are still kept secret. Thin, transparent, ringing glass from Bohemia, decorated with exquisite patterns, has long been and remains a sign of good taste.

Wine glasses and vases made of Bohemian crystal are especially popular. The cost of such products is not very high and is available to almost everyone. And the pleasure of using such an exquisite thing is commensurate, perhaps, with the pleasure of owning a rare old service.

If you want to buy real masterpieces of the Czech glass industry, you should pay attention to the fact that they are:

  • thin, but very strong, not fragile;
  • faceted glass and crystal are distinguished by their rich brilliance, when sunlight hits, it shines with all the colors of the rainbow;
  • recognizable diamond facets on jewelry items alternate with notches, dotted lines and engraving.

Bohemian crystal products had rather strong Italian competitors — the glassblowers of Venice. However, their products failed to win such consumer sympathy and excitement among buyers. Bohemian glass to this day bears a certain imprint of aristocracy. Crystal vases are polished by hand, so each item can be considered single, unique in its kind.

Crystal chandeliers Czech Republic Bohemia

In the 18th century, an event occurred that gave Bohemian glassblowers an unprecedented chance to improve their skills and conquer even more countries with their works. This event is the invention of the crystal chandelier. Of course, elegant works of art made of crystal first decorated the royal palaces.

Glassblowers learned how to blow and cut their priceless Bohemian glass in such a way that it was in no way inferior to rock crystal. Chandeliers are widely used, and the best glass blowers in Bohemia are known by name.

Interesting to know! In an effort to further improve Bohemian glass, the English master Ravenscroft added lead to the glass alloy, which turned it into the crystal that we know today.

Now in the Czech Republic, thousands of crystal chandeliers are produced, which can compete in beauty with their «great-grandmothers» that adorn the most famous palaces in the world.

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